About Me

Hi there and welcome to my site!

I am glad you have come to this About Me page. Not because I am a narcissist and the number of hits on this page helps quench the thirst of my desperate ego. No, I am actually an introvert and find it hard to write a page like this!

So let me say a little about that…

I would like to say I write and coach from the heart but that is a bit too mushy. No, I write and coach from the soul. That is better. More concrete.

But is also a different starting point. The soul is the birthplace of authenticity. Of all the components that make humans human it is the linchpin: the real you. And for Caleb, the real me.

That is where I want you to lead your life from.

And that is where I will lead, guide and teach you from.

You see, I serve others in a variety of ways but at the end of the day I am not what I do. Rather, I do what I am.

That is why I started Lead Your Life

I have learned soft skills in the school of hard knocks. And now I am honoured to be able to share those lessons with you.

You will see that I am a man who believes he is fallible, but valuable. Who has a desire for learning that is never satisfied, a deeply analytical mind, a weakness for gadgets and new technology, and a reputation for authentic leadership.

I’ve helped young people flourish by implementing universal truths and values that are central to human nature. Things like truthfulness, respect, empathy, self-discipline. Those are values not bound by culture or race. They are the imago Dei in every one of us and if I can help you tap into that, then you will be more successful and I will have derived meaning from my work. That is my mission.

So, while you’re here:

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Thanks for coming by! Do feel free to say “hi” and please: let me know how I can help you lead more effectively!

Oh, and the usual:

I live in Southeast Saskatchewan on 48 beautiful acres on the edge of the Souris River valley. For all my friends to the south, that is about 90 miles from Minot, North Dakota. I enjoy the serene, open space of the Canadian prairies with my wonderful wife, Verlynda, and our three delightful daughters.

My eclectic career is a reflection of my own obsession with learning and discovery. I actually started work at the age of 13, doing data entry of response cards from a direct mail campaign for a publicly traded company. At six bucks an hour, I remember buying my first colour monitor. That’s right kids: before colour was monochrome!

Well, I’m not going to bore you with my resume here but the elevator pitch version goes something like this: I took a semester of business in my undergrad and found it so basic and boring I switched to the sciences. Ended up with a B.Sc. and a fascination for living systems. I went straight into the business world and was managing a sales team within two years. I quickly figured out my passion was for leading, overhauling businesses for renewed growth, and using technology to make my life easier.

Along the journey I realized my soft skills weren’t anywhere near where they needed to be: so I went back to school (wife, kids and all!) and obtained my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. I came to the end of that with $600 to my name and a deep desire to lead in a way that facilitated the flourishing of my team members.

Today, this blog and the work I do are a manifestation of my personal mission and values. What I have created here, and the services I offer all are aligned with my vocational calling to educate, empower and mobilize people to grow by offering impactful, creative wisdom.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!


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