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Mastermind Group? What is That?

As I pointed out in one of my mastermind invitations recently, we North American business people are still following the US Army slogan from the early 2000’s: “An Army of One”.

We’re very individualistic. We like to go it on our own. And us menfolk are especially prone: we’d love to declare that, “I am a self-made man!”

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Truth is, that might get you to the top. But once you get there you find out it’s pretty lonely.

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How to Build Credibility as a Leader: Three C’s

The right to lead is no longer about power.

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We live in the era of networking. The capabilities and resources of any organization can now be distributed anywhere in the world. People no longer need to find powerful leaders and ally themselves to that person in order to ensure success.

Power is Old School

No, alliances are no longer about power. They are about influence. And that influence is granted to those who are trustworthy, making trust the new linchpin of all leadership qualities. Are you trustworthy?

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Netflix Corporate Culture: A Must-Read Manifesto

As a business leader, you are well aware of the myriad of issues competing for your attention. Yet, despite the busyness of it all, you know that one of the elements of success you must always be intentional about is the formation of corporate culture.

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Corporate culture is the elephant in the room. It is always there and everyone is aware of it but your team rarely will address it directly. One of the things that you need to do as a leader is make sure that you and your team give visibility and voice to the culture you are creating so that you can be intentional about shaping it.

In this post, I want to focus on how Netflix has done an outstanding example of this. With over a billion dollars in revenue, this is one company worth keeping an eye on. As the image above illustrates, Netflix’s focus on talent is a perfect case in point of how hiring is so critical to culture.

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Why Your Christmas Bonus Sucks!

Think about it. How many Christmas bonuses have you received (or given) that were a home run?

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I believe that for those of us who lead, we have good intentions behind the desire to issue Christmas bonuses. We want to encourage the team, reward effort and loyalty, and even develop some good mojo from the employee’s family.

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Who Is the Right Person to Have This Conversation, Anyway?

I have never been fired. Yet. But there was one particular time I came close enough to know that sickening feeling that happens when you realize that the world of work you had become so comfortable with is about to come crashing down around you. The closest I ever came to being fired was because of a conversation that I should not have had.

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The One Thing That Will Increase Profitability by 22%

You know that as a business owner or leader you can quickly overwhelm yourself with a thousand different ideas about what drives profitability and growth. But there’s just One Thing you must focus on that trumps all other factors. Businesses that succeed at this increase profitability by 22%, productivity by 21%, reduce safety infractions by 48%, turnover by 65%, absenteeism by 37% and quality defects by 41%. Furthermore, only 1/3 of the workforce claims to experience this One Thing: so if you and your team can master it, you’re going to walk all over the competition!

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Every Blogging Journey Has a Beginning

If you’re like me, starting a blog (or anything that’s going to be “out there”) takes a person back to grade 4. You’ve got the birthday party invitations grasped in your sweaty little palm and all the dreams in the world about a wonderful event. But also the butterflies feeding on the questions: will anybody come? What if nobody comes? What if it’s not as good as Joey’s party last week?

But, you put yourself out there, you invite your little friends and just a few minutes after everybody arrives you’ve already forgotten about all the apprehensions and misgivings.

Well, this is my invitation!

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