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Get Instant Relief From All Those Email Subscriptions!

One thing that never seems to amaze me is the overwhelming quantity of news and other emails that land in my inbox. For the most part the spam filter catches the junk I do not want. Nevertheless, there is an incredible amount of daily and weekly news emails, digests, industry updates, and marketing email that comes in as well.

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Today I want to give you a quick and easy way to get on top of that problem.

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Focused Productivity Sessions: 7 Steps to Getting More Done (in Less Time)

Work is broken.

Have you ever found yourself driving home, thinking about how little valuable work you actually accomplished at the office? Work just does not work if you cannot do work at work.

This is my complaint: getting work done at work should not be as difficult as it is.

Why do I feel the need to leave the office to get work done? Or come in on weekends in order to have my most productive time at the office?

We waste hours of our lives doing work where and when we should not be doing work in order to compensate for not getting it done where and when we should be! How crazy is that???

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Below I am going to give you seven simple steps to getting your work done at work.

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How To Clear Your Inbox After a Vacation In Four Easy Steps

Ugh. That feeling when you come back from vacation and you watch the emails pile into your inbox. Fifty, a hundred, a hundred and fifty…the number keeps climbing and climbing!

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Nothing sucks the life out of the warm afterglow of a great holiday like starting your first day back at work overwhelmed.

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The One Thing That Will Increase Profitability by 22%

You know that as a business owner or leader you can quickly overwhelm yourself with a thousand different ideas about what drives profitability and growth. But there’s just One Thing you must focus on that trumps all other factors. Businesses that succeed at this increase profitability by 22%, productivity by 21%, reduce safety infractions by 48%, turnover by 65%, absenteeism by 37% and quality defects by 41%. Furthermore, only 1/3 of the workforce claims to experience this One Thing: so if you and your team can master it, you’re going to walk all over the competition!

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The Cult of Busyness

My goal is to proselytize you: I want you to abandon the Cult of Conspicuous Busyness and come join the Church of Productive Intentionality. No, I’m not talking about religion; I’m talking about the workplace. Let me explain.

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