Get Instant Relief From All Those Email Subscriptions!

One thing that never seems to amaze me is the overwhelming quantity of news and other emails that land in my inbox. For the most part the spam filter catches the junk I do not want. Nevertheless, there is an incredible amount of daily and weekly news emails, digests, industry updates, and marketing email that comes in as well.

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Today I want to give you a quick and easy way to get on top of that problem.

Focused Productivity Sessions: 7 Steps to Getting More Done (in Less Time)

Work is broken.

Have you ever found yourself driving home, thinking about how little valuable work you actually accomplished at the office? Work just does not work if you cannot do work at work.

This is my complaint: getting work done at work should not be as difficult as it is.

Why do I feel the need to leave the office to get work done? Or come in on weekends in order to have my most productive time at the office?

We waste hours of our lives doing work where and when we should not be doing work in order to compensate for not getting it done where and when we should be! How crazy is that???

Productivity: do not disturb!

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Below I am going to give you seven simple steps to getting your work done at work.

Netflix Corporate Culture: A Must-Read Manifesto

As a business leader, you are well aware of the myriad of issues competing for your attention. Yet, despite the busyness of it all, you know that one of the elements of success you must always be intentional about is the formation of corporate culture.

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Corporate culture is the elephant in the room. It is always there and everyone is aware of it but your team rarely will address it directly. One of the things that you need to do as a leader is make sure that you and your team give visibility and voice to the culture you are creating so that you can be intentional about shaping it.

In this post, I want to focus on how Netflix has done an outstanding example of this. With over a billion dollars in revenue, this is one company worth keeping an eye on. As the image above illustrates, Netflix’s focus on talent is a perfect case in point of how hiring is so critical to culture.

Fundamental Attribution Error: Why You Are Such a Jerk

The Fundamental Attribution Error is about our tendency to attribute the flawed behaviors in others to their character rather than the environment they are in. Conversely, by virtue of the same error we attribute our own flawed behaviors to the environment rather than our character.

An example in a nutshell: if I miss my weekly blog post it is because I am incredibly busy (environment). If you miss yours, it is because you are inconsistent (character). The fundamental attribution error is about character versus environment.

That is a simple definition. If you really want to unpack it, Wikipedia has a great article. But let me turn to a case study to illustrate the point further before indicating how to leverage this error for organizational growth.

A Fundamental Attribution Error Case Study

You slam the phone on a Friday afternoon, stressed and disappointed. A second banker has refused to extend you credit to support the purchase of materials to manufacture your biggest order to date. All you need is a 90 day float!

Just then, your Executive Assistant walks in to ask if she can go home a couple hours early to get a head start on the weekend.

You snap at her: “Do whatever you want!”

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As she leaves, you ruminate on her irritating sense of entitlement and “work to live” philosophy that is so backwards (i.e., different from yours).

Why Your Christmas Bonus Sucks!

Think about it. How many Christmas bonuses have you received (or given) that were a home run?

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I believe that for those of us who lead, we have good intentions behind the desire to issue Christmas bonuses. We want to encourage the team, reward effort and loyalty, and even develop some good mojo from the employee’s family.

The most striking thing about highly effective leaders is how little they have in common. What one swears by, another warns against. But one trait stands out: the willingness to risk.

Larry Osborne
Measuring up: the need to succeed and the fear of failure. (Sisters, OR: Multnomah Books, 1993), 59

How To Clear Your Inbox After a Vacation In Four Easy Steps

Ugh. That feeling when you come back from vacation and you watch the emails pile into your inbox. Fifty, a hundred, a hundred and fifty…the number keeps climbing and climbing!

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Nothing sucks the life out of the warm afterglow of a great holiday like starting your first day back at work overwhelmed.

6 Keys to Starting a Difficult Conversation Properly

If you have ever found yourself stumbling out of a meeting room at work thinking, “Boy, that did not go well!” then this blog post is for you. After all, we have all been there haven’t we? So often, we recognized that if we had put even just a little more preparation into the discussion it might have had a very different outcome.

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I remember this baffling discussion I had a number of years ago with my boss.